All warranty policies only appy to the order placed in our store:www.airwheelsuitcase.com.


What is warranty time?

For Airwheel Suitcase, there is a 12-month warranty after you finish your order.

For Airwhel Suitcase Power Bank, there is a 6-month warranty after you finish your order.

If the warranty period is exceeded, we will charge the relevant warranty costs.


What is in your warranty?

During the warranty period, Airwheel Suitcase will replace the same or similar products free of charge if the original manufacturing materials or workmanship of the product is deemed to be defective. Products and parts replaced under this warranty will become the property of Airwheel and will not be returned to you. If the product and/or parts require repair after the warranty period has expired, you must pay all labor and parts costs. If you sell or otherwise transfer the product, the warranty will terminate.


What situation is not in warranty?

  • You don't purchase the suitcase or power bank in Airwheel Suitcase.
  • Your package is lost or stolen by yourself.
  • Your order is over the period of warranty.
  • The issue of your item is not related to the quality.
  • You have repaired the itms by third-party.
  • Your items are damaged from external sources or improper use(including but not limited to: drops, extreme temperatures, water ingress, equipment mishandling).
  • You buy the Airwheel items without authorised dealer.


How to apply for the warranty?

If you need to apply for the warranty,please contact our customer service by chat or email: support@airwheelsuitcase.com. In the message, please show us your order number and item model.Our staff will reply you as soon as posisble.


Contact Information

Email: support@airwheelsuitcase.com

Phone: +1 (561) 662-6335