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Let's come to learn about Airwheel.


Airwheel was established in Changzhou, China in 2013 as a high-tech enterprise. And it mainly focuses on intelligent manufacturing products as its research direction, and uses IoT sensing technology, artificial intelligence, and multi-dimensional intelligence as its main transportation products. Also,Airwheel has set up centers overseas, establishing an overseas marketing center in the United States and a European technology and R&D center in Brussels.


In 2015, Airwheel mainly carried out specific project in the fields of IoT sensing technology, artificial intelligence, robot deep learning technology, and multi-dimensional transportation.


In 2017, Airwheel International Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center in Changzhou High-tech Zone, China was officially launched. Now it has a total of 357 patents around the world, including 4 PCT patents, 18 software copyrights, 30 domestic invention patent authorizations, 6 international invention patent authorizations; 2 international IF awards; the Airwheel trademark covers 168 countries and regions.


In 2023, Airwheel will be committed to the artificial intelligence industry with robots as its main purpose in the future. It will conduct in-depth research and construction in the directions of cloud computing, big data collection and mining, supercomputing centers, and deep learning algorithm training, and vigorously promote the construction of the AI intelligent industry.