Which country made Airwheel luggage?

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Which country made Airwheel luggage?

Airwheel luggage is made by Changzhou Airwheel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, a Chinese brand. Thus we can say Airwheel luggage is made in China.

Founded on April 3, 2013, Airwheel is situated in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province in China. Functioning as a high-tech enterprise, the company specializes in the research and development of Internet of Things sensing technology, artificial intelligence, and multi-dimensional intelligent transportation products. 

01 Which country made Airwheel luggage

Backed with technology expertise, The company has established R&D centers, manufacturing facilities, and logistics centers around the world. They also have marketing centers running in the United States and European like Brussels.

The electric smart luggage lineup has been developed due to the in-depth research made by a leader team in Airwheel, who had discovered the demand for style and higher level of convenience from the market. Over the past decade, the smart luggage from Airwheel has been gaining momentum and continuous popularity. So far, Airwheel is dedicated to ongoing research and plans to unveil 50 market-first smart products in the minimum in the next three years.

The mission of Airwheel is to make themselves known as a high-tech corporate that can master smart technologies "Created in China”. As of 2023, Airwheel has hit success by selling product through the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Austria, South Korea, and many other countries, with a foreign market share exceeding 60%.

How does Airwheel luggage come to life?

Travel is not always a joy. A lot of unexpected moments and bumpy roads might await on the way to our very destination. A super large airport, for example, can drive us crazy at the beginning of our holiday. If we are dropped at a mistaken terminal at the airport, we’ll have to run miles away in a pressing short time. At that moment, have you ever thought about--what if we can ride on our luggage and drive to the gate immediately. Here comes the Airwheel luggage.

02 How does Airwheel luggage come to life

Airwheel has rolled out Airwheel smart luggage to lift travelers from those sweating moments. The electric luggage from Airwheel is powered by lithium batteries and comes with a host of intelligent benefits, such as controllable speeds, automatic transformation, secured storage, TSA lock, and more.

Airwheel smart luggage proves to a immense success on the market. Encouraged, Airwheel has keep launching new series like SE3s, SR5, each featuring standout functions to cater certain group of luggage enthusiasts.

What is the AirWheel luggage made of?

AirWheel luggage is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and functionality. The outer shell boasts a combination of ABS and PC material, providing both strength and resilience. This robust construction is further supported by an aluminum alloy frame, adding an extra layer of durability to the luggage. The inclusion of a TSA-coded lock enhances security while remaining user-friendly for customs inspections.

Internally, AirWheel luggage features a built-in lithium battery with a capacity lower than 100Wh. This design not only supports the luggage's smart functions but also aligns perfectly with the requirements for cabin luggage with lithium batteries. The meticulous choice of materials and thoughtful design underscores AirWheel's commitment to delivering a premium and reliable travel companion.

Is AirWheel luggage allowed in flight?

Yes, Airwheel luggage is allowed on most airlines, as it comes with removable lithium batteries and the battery capacity is lower than 100Wh. Typically, battery capacity higher than 100Wh or 160Wh can be prohibited by most airlines. Airlines and local airports may have diverse statements about the prohibition on baggage powered by lithium batteries. Therefore, we suggest you conduct a thorough research by scanning through the websites of the airline and airport or consulting hotline services.

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Which Airwheel luggage model should you buy?

Carry-on SE3S

03 What is the AirWheel luggage made of

The most welcomed riding choice from Airwheel, SE3S features a compact size, measuring only 14.1cm x 9.4cm x 21.6cm. A perfectly fit in overhead cabins on the plane. While ensuring an ergonomic riding experience, the riding luggage speeds at 13km per hour. Stable and safe, SE3S ensures every rider make the most fun out of itself with controllable speed availability. With one press, Airwheel SE3S extends its wheels and handle automatically for riding.  

To comply with most airlines’ regulations on lithium batteries, SE3S is engineered with removable lithium battery. Travelers at the security point can easily reject the battery off the luggage without any hassles. With battery installed, the smart luggage also prides itself on being able to juice other electric devices such as laptops, phones, for emergency use, avoiding you from sweating over in search of power sources. The battery capacity is 73.26Wh (100Wh above entails prohibitions in the airports--Perfect for boarding).

Beyond the smart riding function, SE3S also features merits that are greater than traditional luggage: large interior compartment, TSA custom lock, waterproof shell, futuristic shape, and more. Lugging or riding optional, SE3S will you an eye-catching traveler in the crowd.

Shining SE3MiniT

04  Is AirWheel luggage allowed in flight

SE3MiniT is another popular choice among Airwheel’s smart luggage lineup. This modern-looking electric luggage goes up to 10 km away at a maximum speed of 13 km/h. Able to load up to 110kg, SE3MiniT proves to be a real travel company, lessening your tiredness during trips by keeping your luggage secured in its belly as well as giving you a ride.

Towing or riding? The luggage scooter will let you decide with simply one press on one switch. Switching between the two modes also makes it a breeze to walk through bumpy roads and then continue riding mode on smooth terrains. Any way to have some fun from the riding? Yes! Make use of the adjustable speeds to zoom faster to catch up your flight or slower down to enjoy the breeze on a picturesque country road. Forwards or backwards control is available too!

As this smart luggage is made to comply with the carry-on restrictions of some airlines, SE3MiniT can go aboard and fit right into some planes’ overhead cabins. The lithium battery is removable and the battery capacity is below 100Wh.

The power bank function of SE3MiniT can be a life-saver when your phone battery is dying out in seconds. When fully charged, SE3MiniT can juice up your iPhone about eight times. More than as a power bank, SE3MiniT also comes with an inviting function for travelers who have a taste for style. The function falls on the Luminescent logo, as the lightness level is programmable through a downloadable app.

Let SE3MiniT empower your trip with peace of mind now!