What is Airwheel Suitcase?

Hi there. Many people are becoming curious about Airwheel suitcases once they saw a stranger swooshing past on a mysterious luggage. Bet you are one of them too! Glad to meet you here. In this article we will tell you what Airwheel suitcase is and we will also proceed to walk you through everything you need to know about Ariwheel suitcases. Read on.

Table of contents:

  • What is Airwheel suitcase?
  • What is the range of the Airwheel luggage?
  • What is the top speed of the Airwheel suitcase?
  • Is Airwheel TSA approved?
  • How heavy is Airwheel luggage?
  • Can you check in luggage on Airwheel?
  • How to ride Airwheel?
  • What is the maximum weight limit for the scooter?
  • Where to buy Airwheel luggage in Philipines?

What is Airwheel suitcase?

Airwheel suitcases, or Airwheel rideable suitcases, are a series of luggage scooterS launched by the Brand named Airwheel, a China-base high-tech company.

Airwheel suitcases include models like SE3S, SE3MiniT, SR5, and SE3T. Each model comes with standout features catering to diverse needs.

01 What is Airwheel suitcase

We’ve listed some of their differences in another article to help our readers to better identify the luggage. You may read at Is Airwheel SE3S Rideable Suitcase Allowed in Airports?

What is the range of the Airwheel luggage?

Powered by a battery capacity of 73.26Wh, SE3S, SE3MiniT, and SE3T can go three to six miles ( eight to ten kilometers) when fully charged, sufficient enough to zoom in the airport or have fun riding in large shopping malls.

Airwheel luggage is perfect for people of all age ranges, from children to adults and grey-haired people with slight mobility issues. Luggage scooters from Airwheel offer functions like auto following, remote control, and more, allowing you to take care of your family on the ride-on with ease.

What is the top speed of the Airwheel suitcases?

SE3S, SE3MiniT, and SE3T from Airwheel can speed up to 13km per hour, while SR5 can only max at 6 km per hour. They will be fast at the top speed, but the control is easy to handle. While turning corners, Airwheel luggage will not tip over easily thanks to the smart wheel design.

Data lacks sensation. Therefore, we recommend having a try to ride the Airwheel luggage in any brick-and-mortar store before making any purchase online. One important thing we would like you informed is that Airwheelsuitcasel.com has the best ever after service and offers one-year warranty for every customer.

Is Airwheel TSA approved?

Yes, All Airwheel luggage series have TSA lock equipped.

02 Is Airwheel TSA approved

TSA locks ensure yourself opening and securing your luggage with code, and at the same time, allowing custom officials to open your luggage for security check with an omniscient TSA key.

Airwheel has fully considered the case and makes sure each of our suitcase is custom friendly. We always uphold the mission to reduce the hassles during your travel and bring you more joy.

How heavy is Airwheel luggage?

Knowing how heavy Airwheel luggage is important for travelers, as it decide whether you can take Airwheel luggage as carry-on or checked in. Down below We’ve listed their weight numbers.

  • SE3S: 9.4 kg (21 lb)
  • SE3miniT: 7.5 kg (16 lb)
  • SE3T: 9 kg (20 lb)
  • SR5: 6 kg (13 lb)

As each airline has their own policies on baggage, we suggest you have a thorough research on their website or contact them directly to see whether Airwheel luggage complies with their carry-on or checked-in regulations.

We have also compiled some luggage regulations of some popular airlines worldwide in Global Airlines Carry-on Luggage Restrictions 2023.

Can you check in luggage on Airwheel?

Yes, Airwheel luggage can be checked in, as their batteries are removable. Airlines are now strictly banning smart luggage with non-removable lithium batteries. Luggage powered by lithium batteries can be accepted if the battery capacity is below 100Wh and the battery itself must be removed freely.

When Airwheel luggage being checked in, the battery has to be carried in person.

How to ride Airwheel?

Riding Airwheel luggage is not involving difficulty. We’ll use SE3S as an example to show you how to ride Airwheel luggage.

03 How to ride Airwheel

Before riding SE3S, we need to unfold the luggage to the riding mode. In this step, you’ll be required to turn on the power switch and turn the nearby telescopic switch to the “I” setting. Then the handlebar will stretch itself in automation. When it finishes, turn the telescopic switch back to the “o” position.

Next, loosen the handle telescopic lock as shown in the picture above and pull it to a proper height. Once set, fasten the handle telescopic lock. This step done.

Now let’s move into the riding instructions.

04 riding instructions

As you can see the picture above, pressing the left is for brakes and the right is for forwards. Pressing both is to reverse.

05 What is Airwheel suitcase

Now you can sit on the suitcase, with your feet on the pedals, and try to go forward or backward as you like. Practice a little bit and you will master it in minutes.

What is the maximum weight limit for the scooter? 

For SE3S, SE3MiniT, and SE3T, they can bear weight of up to 110kg, which means Airwheel luggage can support most adults in normal weight. Even you are a man with a rugby player’s physique, you can rest assured to be carried around by Airwheel luggage scooter.

Where to buy Airwheel luggage in Philipines?

Airwheel has brick-and-mortar stores in Philipines. You may go to offline stores for a free try, but we suggest that you can make the purchase online, which can save you more and grant you one year’s warranty. Airwheelsuitce.com, the offical Airwheel store has a sound after service to make our customers feel peace of mind. Order your own Airwheel luggage and jump into the fun right now!