Let's Ride the Airwheel SE3S Smart Suitcase for Traveling

Why Not Go to Travel by Riding Airwheel SE3S Suitcase?

Many people find it tiring to sit in the office for long periods of time, so they want to go outside and travel to other cities.

As a result, the rush and various trivial matters during the trip also made people feel physically and mentally exhausted, and the relaxation, poetry and distance that they wanted were not available. I can only sigh with emotion: Traveling turns out to be much more tiring than working!

Is it possible that during such a wonderful holiday, we can only stay at home and lie down to rest?

No, let’s get on the Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase and go. With it as your companion, a pleasant trip is no longer a dream!

Why, as a suitcase, can the Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase be used to improve the travel experience? This is because in addition to basic storage functions, it also has two advantageous functions: riding and charging.


Airwheel Suitcase SE3S for traveling


Two Perfect Functions: Riding and Charging


Riding is the most important functions for Airwheel SE3S Suitcase

The bottom wheel of the Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase is not a common universal wheel, but a brushless motor wheel that can achieve strong power driven by electric energy. So when you are facing a huge airport or station, you can directly ride on it to travel at a speed of up to 13km/h. It not only saves effort, but is also faster than walking. It can greatly improve the efficiency of travel and spend less time on the road. , leaving more time for playing and enjoying the scenic spots.

When riding, you don’t have to worry about whether the box can withstand it. The shell of the Airwheel SE3S smart riding box is specially made of ABS+PC materials, and is also reinforced with an integrated aviation aluminum material box frame. The load capacity can reach 110kg. It can be ridden and stored with confidence, and you don’t have to worry about using it all year round. The cabinet is deformed.


Riding On Airwheel SE3S Suitcase


Using Airwheel SE3S Suitcase for Charging


If you look carefully on the outside of the Airwheel SE3S smart cycling box, you will find a USB port for charging. For those of you who are used to keeping mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, smart bracelets and other electronic equipment with you, I believe that This must be a very thoughtful functional design.

The operation is also very simple, just like our daily charging. By connecting the data cable, you can charge at any time during the journey, and you can also charge at the same time while riding.

It can be said that with this function, you no longer need to pay attention to the battery at all times when traveling, and worry about insufficient battery and no suitable charging place.

It can be said that the Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase is a new successor to the traditional trolley suitcase. Its advent is more in line with people's current needs for suitcases and their longing for travel. Accompanied by it, mainstream travel methods in the future will become more technological, more relaxed, comfortable, and focused on quality.

I believe that even though it is so tempting, there are still thoughtful friends who are worried about whether the lithium battery used to drive the bicycle will affect boarding during the journey. Regarding this issue, the design team of Airwheel SE3S smart cycling box has already considered this issue during the research and development stage. In order to ensure boarding, the Airwheel SE3S smart riding box first ensured the box specifications during the design stage. The length, width and height after folding are in line with the boarding regulations of mainstream international airlines. Secondly, the lithium battery not only has a capacity of 73.26WH, ensuring a battery life of at least 8km (affected by the user's weight, temperature and other factors); it also adopts a modular design with a fixed plug-in and pull-out structure. No tools are required for disassembly and installation, and security inspection is required. Even if it needs to be dismantled for inspection, it can be accessed quickly.


Charging by Airwheel SE3S Suitcase


A Perfect Choice for Your Smart Luggage

Not only that, the Airwheel team also considered the inspection when entering and exiting the customs, and was specially equipped with a globally accepted TSA customs code lock to avoid violent disassembly and inspection.

If you feel tired from traveling, then try riding the Airwheel SE3S smart suitcase.
I believe that what it is good at will definitely give you a high-quality travel experience and make life more pleasant and free.