Is There an Electric Suitcase?

Setting off on holidays abroad or just exploring nearby cities has become a vital part of our leisure routine. It's like a refreshing escape from the day-to-day grind, a cure for the monotony and exhaustion that builds up over the year. The kind of experience we have during our travels can make or break our holidays, turning them into cherished memories or, unfortunately, not-so-great stories. That's where the electric suitcase comes in – a nifty solution to make our travels smoother and more enjoyable.

Is there an electric suitcase?

Electric suitcases, also called smart or motorized luggage, are not your average travel companions – they're a tech-savvy, rideable delight for explorers. Packed with smart designs and cutting-edge technology, some of these suitcases can even transform into mini scooters for a quick cruise around the airport or wherever your journey takes you. They're not just for adults; kids can join the fun too!

01 Is there an electric suitcase

From the United States to Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and beyond, electric suitcases have captured the hearts of travelers worldwide. They're not just a travel accessory; they're a trendsetter, combining convenience, style, and a dash of entertainment for travelers of all ages. Ready to roll into the future of travel? Electric suitcases have got you covered!

Is there an electric suitcase for travel?

Yes, there are electric suitcases designed specifically for travel. Look no further, Airwheel is within your reach. On, the authorized online store, we have smart and motorized luggage options to offer a blend of convenience, style, and entertainment for travelers.

They feature rideable capabilities, allowing users to transform them into micro-mobility devices when needed. Popular editions are SE3S (Blackpink girls’ choice), SE3MiniT (fashion choice), SR5 (smart luggage that can follow), and more. All luggage features removable batteries, TSA-approved locks, and USB charging ports, catering to the needs of tech enthusiasts and travelers alike.

Is there an electric suitcase for adults?

Navigate across airports, train stations, and other travel hubs without physical strain of carrying heavy luggage? Move through crowded places more efficiently and have time saved? There must be the kind of high-tech can do the magic for adults! And guess what, electric suitcase like Airwheel have been rolled out onto the market in recent years to cater to the need of grown-ups. If those grown souls are tech enthusiasts, better! Electric suitcases represent themselves to their fans with many modern technological features, such as USB charging ports, removable batteries, and smart locking system. With a combination of practicality, technology, and entertainment, electric suitcases rest as an attractive option for many adults during their travels.

What is the scooter that looks like a suitcase?

You've landed at the perfect place –, where we proudly present a unique fusion of scooters and suitcases. Imagine a two-in-one marvel, seamlessly combining the functionality of a suitcase with the excitement of a scooter. Our customers relish the convenience of riding while ensuring their essentials are safely stowed in the compartment.

We take pride in our smart luggage lineup, each crafted with the ingenious ability to transport both its owner and their belongings swiftly during travels. At Airwheel, our luggage is more than just a travel companion; it's a carefully designed mission to enhance the travel experience by seamlessly blending ease, style, and cutting-edge technology.

What is a luggage scooter?

Now you might have known the answer from what we’ve discussed above. A luggage scooter is a revolutionary travel accessory that combines the functionality of a suitcase with the added feature of a built-in scooter. It's essentially a two-in-one device, serving as both a means of carrying belongings and a rideable scooter for personal transportation.

Do airports allow scooter suitcases?

The permissibility of motorized suitcases hinges on their ability to detach batteries as required by numerous airlines due to safety concerns. Airlines, such as American Airlines and Delta Airlines in the US, permit "smart bags" with removable lithium-ion batteries as carry-on items. However, other airlines, like Air Canada, have imposed a complete ban on smart luggage.

02 Do airports allow scooter suitcases

In the Philippines, scooter suitcases like Airwheel's are permitted for use as long as they meet specific criteria, including a cabin-sized design, a battery capacity below 100Wh, and a removable battery. Similarly, the acceptance of motorized luggage in Canadian flights varies among airlines, with Air Canada explicitly prohibiting them, while others like WestJet and Air Transat allowing them with certain limitations.

In Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific indicates that smart bags must have removable batteries if checked-in is necessary. Singapore Airlines requires cabin baggage to be under 7 kg, and the lithium battery must not exceed 160 Wh. Overall, most airlines allow Airwheel luggage in flight, provided the battery is removable and complies with size and weight limitations. However, it's essential to check specific airline regulations and contact local airports for advice to ensure a seamless travel experience with smart luggage.

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