Is there a rideable suitcase for adults?

When you're hauling your child on a suitcase, you might find yourself thinking, "Why can't the luggage be rideable, making our airport journey less stressful?" Well, gather around because this post is about to deliver exactly what you're envisioning.

How does a rideable suitcase look like?

Does a rideable suitcase resemble the image below? No!

01 not rideable luggage

A rideable suitcase is an innovative product that combines the features of a suitcase and a scooter. This means you can enjoy a smooth ride without the burden of carrying a heavy load on your back. Hit the road on your luggage instead of on foot.

Have you noticed the man riding the suitcase below? That's Airwheel's SE3T.

02 a man riding airwheel se3t

He can ride and maneuver the suitcase in any direction he wants-forward, backward, and even come to a stop using the brake button. Get yourself an exciting luggage like this one, and you can experience the same.

The roster of brands that offer rideable luggage

While numerous brands cater to the younger generation with rideable luggage, such as younglingz, Micro, Trunki, and more, there are only a few that generate similar excitement for grown-ups. Among these, Modobag and Airwheel stand out as prominent names. These two well-established brands have devoted years to the development of motorized luggage, unveiling eye-catching designs and traveler-friendly features.

03 modobag vs airwheel 2

Modobag vs. Airwheel

With only two options available in the market, making a choice becomes relatively straightforward. However, let's delve into a detailed comparison of the features offered by these two competitors. By exploring each aspect, we can determine the ultimate king in the smart luggage industry.

Beast and Beauty

A quick glance reveals a stark contrast in appearance – Modobag exhibits a less striking design, whereas Airwheel luggage boasts a futuristic aesthetic. For those inclined towards style, Airwheel emerges as the top choice. The distinction in appearance is attributed to the materials shaping their shells; Modobag opts for a high-strength ballistic Nylon Shell, while Airwheel features an aluminum alloy shell.

Which is the Rabbit? Which is the Turtle?

In the realm of riding experience, both luggage scooters offer a top speed of 8 miles per hour (8 mph). In terms of speed control, Modobag presents two settings for indoor and outdoor use, while Airwheel manages acceleration through the handle button – the harder you press, the faster you go, capped at a maximum of 8 mph.

The height of the luggage correlates with the height of the riding seat, influencing the overall riding comfort. Consequently, Modobag stands at a modest 14 inches tall, considerably shorter than its sleeker counterpart, a 21.7-inch luggage. Riding on Airwheel promises a more knee-friendly experience.

How far can they take you? While no firsthand experiments have been conducted, we can draw insights from available information: Modobag covers a distance of up to 8 miles with a rider weighing 180 lbs, while Airwheel can ride up to 10 km at 13 km/h on a full charge.

Which is the Popeye?

In this round of the battle, both contenders find themselves on even ground with the maximum rider weight. Modobag boasts a weight capacity of 260 lbs, while Airwheel is close behind at 242.51 lbs. It's a tie in this category.

Which is more friendly to your pocket?

As of the publication of this post, Modobag is priced at $995, whereas Airwheel offers its popular luggage model, such as the SE3S, for about $800 to $900. Clearly, opting for Airwheel could save you around one hundred bucks.

Which is more favored by customs?

Based on our observations, Airwheel luggage comes equipped with a TSA-approved lock, while Modobag does not. TSA locks are an essential feature when traveling across borders or on a plane, as customs authorities may need to inspect your luggage. Without TSA-enabled locks that can be opened with a universal key, they might resort to cutting the code lock off your luggage. From this standpoint, Airwheel takes the lead.

Where to buy riding luggage for adults?

You have the option of purchasing riding luggage for adults through both online and offline channels. By conducting a simple Google search for both brands, you'll find their online stores. If you prefer Airwheel luggage scooters, it's recommended to visit, the official Airwheel store. Here's the shortcut: