Is smart luggage banned, and is it worth purchasing?

Smart luggage brings together the best of both worlds - classic luggage with a high-tech twist! Imagine Bluetooth locks, convenient cup holders, and even a built-in power bank for your gadgets. However, these cool features come with some rules, thanks to the batteries inside. Airlines and aviation authorities have laid down strict regulations. Don't worry, though - smart luggage isn't off-limits, but it needs to play by the rules. Let's dive into the details and uncover the ins and outs of this tech-meets-travel scenario!

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  • Are smart luggage bannedin American airlines?
  • Are rideable suitcases legal?
  • Is Smart luggage worth it?
  • Travel with Airwheel smart luggage

Are smart luggage banned in American airlines?

Smart luggage is not banned. To delve into this question, we’ve carried out thorough research through aviation authorities’ websites to make sure the following information are reliable and trusted. During the research, we confidently conclude that smart luggage is not banned in American airlines, but to be allowed in flight, smart luggage must meet certain requirements. Next, let’s show you the regulations of top related departments one by one so you can have an overall insight.

01 Are smart luggage banned in American airlines

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Information source: Baggage Equipped with Lithium Batteries

The FAA has established clear regulations for baggage with non-removable batteries, mandating that such items must be carried as carry-on baggage. On the other hand, if the battery is removable, the bag may be permitted as checked baggage; however, the detached battery must be carried in the cabin.

It is crucial to ensure that lithium batteries adhere to specified limits in terms of size, weight, and quantity as outlined by FAA guidelines. These measures are designed to enhance safety protocols and facilitate the secure transport of baggage with lithium batteries, striking a balance between convenience and ensuring the well-being of all passengers during air travel.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Information source: smart luggage

As carry on bags: allowed

As checked bags: allowed

As per information provided by TSA, it is highlighted that smart luggage is permitted as carry-on bags, subject to specific instructions. Additionally, smart luggage is also allowed to be checked when in compliance with relevant guidelines and regulations. These TSA directives aim to ensure a smooth and secure travel experience for passengers with smart luggage, providing clarity on the permissible modes of transport for these technologically advanced travel accessories.

International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Information source: Smart Luggage With Integrated Lithium Batteries

As per the provided information, IATA requires that any integrated power source within baggage must be removable, and the lithium batteries must be carried into the cabin. This underscores the regulatory emphasis on ensuring that power sources are detachable for enhanced safety during air travel.

Though the aviation authorities have stipulated the regulations in respect of luggage with lithium batteries, it is also essential to note that international flights may have distinct regulations, and travelers should also seek guidance from their airline to ensure compliance with specific guidelines for international travel.

In the following part of this post, we will also cover top-listed American airlines’ regulations on smart luggage, so read on.

American Airlines

Information source: Smart bag policy

Regulations: Smart bags are allowed only when with removable batteries.

For carry-on: Smart bags with removable batteries may be accepted for travel in the cabin with the battery installed.

For check-in: The battery must be removed and remain in the customer’s possession.

As outlined in the policy, it is a prerequisite for the battery to be detachable when the baggage is intended to be checked. It's noteworthy that this requirement isn't mandated by the FAA policy but has been embraced by both American Airlines and American Eagle aircrafts.

Delta Air Lines

Information source: Smart baggage

Power rating of lithium-ion batteries: >100Wh;

For carry-on: The lithium battery must be removed but it can stay inside the carry-on bag;

For check-in: The lithium battery must be removed and taken into the cabin.

Southwest Airlines

Regulations: The battery on the smart luggage must be removable;

For carry-on: The removable batteries can remain installed.

For checked-in: The smart bag’s battery must be removable

Please search “Southwest Airlines policies on smart luggage” for detailed information.

United Airlines

The airline has policies regarding smart bags that align closely with TSA regulations. Specifically, if a smart bag is equipped with lithium batteries, these batteries must be removed before the bag is brought on board.

Alaska Airlines

Information source: Smart luggage

Policy: Only smart bags that use removable batteries will be accepted and the battery capacity must be 160 Wh or less;

Carry-on: The removable battery may remain attached to the bag;

Checked-in: The battery must be removed.

JetBlue Airways

Information source: Lithium Batteries in Devices

JetBlue policies on batteries is in conjunction with FAA packsafe regulations, which means only smart bags that use removable batteries are acceptable.

Spirit Airlines

Policy: smart luggage

Spirit Airlines does not permit smart luggage, whether as a carry-on or checked baggage, due to safety concerns associated with lithium batteries.

Air Canada

Information source: smart bags

As carry-on baggage: allowed when it meet size restrictions;

As check-in baggage: the battery must be removable and be taken by you.


Information source: smart bags

When the smart bags need checking in, the battery must be able to be removed.

Are rideable suitcases legal?

Absolutely, after a thorough examination of the outlined policies above, it becomes abundantly clear that rideable suitcases fall well within the legal bounds. These innovative creations, aptly categorized as "smart luggage," operate with the aid of lithium-ion batteries. For further insights on this topic, feel free to explore our dedicated article titled Are Scooter Suitcases Allowed In Airports?

Is Smart luggage worth it in the U.S.?

The worth of smart luggage in the U.S. depends on individual preferences and travel needs. Smart luggage offers various features like built-in charging ports, GPS tracking, and even rideable capabilities, providing convenience and added functionality. If these features align with your travel style and requirements, investing in smart luggage could be worthwhile. However, it's essential to consider airline regulations, especially concerning lithium-ion batteries in smart luggage, to ensure compatibility with your preferred mode of travel. Additionally, personal preferences, such as the desire for advanced technology and innovative travel solutions, can influence the perceived value of smart luggage in the U.S.

Travel with Airwheel smart luggage

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02 Travel with Airwheel smart luggage

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