Is Airwheel SE3S Rideable Suitcase Allowed in Airports?

Hi there, you might get to know about airwheel SE3S rideable suitcases from Black Pink girls--who often ride on the luggage to greet their fans after performances. SE3S has the charm though, and you are not the only one who have the urge to get one of them home. But you might also have the worries--Is airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase allowed in airports? To help steer your decision-making, we put together this guide to offer you all the answers you need.

01 Is airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase allowed in airports

What is Airwheel SE3S Rideable Suitcase?

First, let’s dive into what an Airwheel SE3S Riding suitcase is. It’s important because airports and airlines enact baggage regulations according to baggage types. Airwheel SE3S belongs to the smart luggage genre, or as in some baggage restrictions it is usually said as “suitcases with lithium-ion batteries”.

Aside from that, SE3S is the compact model from the brand Airwheel. There are also other models like SE3 miniT with 26 Litre of capacity, SQ3 for kids, SR5 that follows, and SE3T with 48 Litre of capacity.

Why smart suitcases are restricted in airports?

It is true that some airports ban the use of smart suitcases, but in most cases, smart suitcases are allowed in flight and airports once they pass the restrictions which usually limit bags with non-removable batteries, and bags either overweight or oversized.

Airports and airlines across the globe have different policies on smart luggage. If you are in a hurry to decide whether you should take a smart suitcase with you for the travel, one of the wisest move is to check out with the local airports service through hotline.

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Is airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase allowed in airports?

Finally, we get to answer this question. The answer is yes. Most airports would allow you to ride on Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase around freely.

Airwheel SE3S comes with detachable lithium battery, which can easily pop up for checked in or carried onboard. The battery capacity is 73.26Wh, safe enough to pass the battery regulations of airlines.

But still, we insist you should pursue precise policies from local airports. Regulations on Smart luggage can change over time.

If you have settled for grabbing one Airwheel SE3S suitcase for yourself, order one on Jump on the suitcase and start your painless, smooth, and joyful travel in airports now. SE3S is highly recommendable for avid travelers.

Is Airwheel luggage allowed in flight?

Once again, we would say yes. Airwheel luggage including SE3S and other models is allowed in flight. However, we don’t own the airlines so don’t take our word for everything. We have learned some policies on airlines’ website that they allow motorized luggage in flight, however, policies may be different offline. We highly suspect that online policies might not be updated timely. Hence, double check your flight regulations on luggage.

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Which model should you choose from Airwheel luggage lineup? currently has SE3S, SE3MiniT, SE3T, and SR5 for sale. What are the differences among them? Down below we break down the confusion for you.







One-click switch smart riding luggage

Large-capacity smart riding luggage

2-people Riding Smart luggage

Auto-follow Fingerprint smart luggage


20 in

20 in

24 in

20 in


20 L

26 L

48 L

30 L


36x24x55 cm

(14x9x22 in)

39x25x58 cm

(15x10x23 in)

52x27x60 cm

(20x11x24 in)

38x25x53 cm

(15x10x21 in)


9.4 kg (21 lb)

7.5 kg (16 lb)

9 kg (20 lb)

6 kg (13 lb)


TSA Approved

TSA Approved

TSA Approved

TSA Approved

Electric Retract





20 in

20 in

24 in

20 in


1-4 day trip

3-6 day trip

4-7 day trip

3-6 day trip

As shown in the table above, SE3S distinguishes from its pals greatly in that it can switch into the riding mode with one click. It has a compact size of 20 inch, which makes it a perfect choice for carry-on.

In contrast, SE3MiniT has no automatic transformation but you can still adjust the handle yourself and start riding. One merit is that it comes with a larger storage capacity and yet a lighter weight.

SE3T is a larger version of SE3MiniT, so this model is able to offer two seats. Its belly has a storage space for 48 Litre, which is enough for a trip of four to seven days.

Lastly, SR5 surprises us with its auto-follow function, a real smart luggage. With a capacity of 30 Litre, it is perfect for three to six days’ trips.

All smart luggage from Airwheel are equipped with TSA lock, solid build, and robust wheels. Purchasing on, you will enjoy one year’s warranty. Lighten up your journey with Airwheel luggage scooters right now.