Are Scooter Suitcases Allowed In Airports?

When traveling abroad becomes a popular method for individuals to escape the fatigue of daily life and work, having a suitable and user-friendly suitcase can make pre-boarding preparations a breeze. Within the multitude of options available, smart suitcases stand out for their ability to significantly enhance the smoothness of any journey, providing unparalleled convenience through features such as built-in power banks or even rideable capabilities.

Nevertheless, challenges arise. Airlines are increasingly enforcing stricter regulations on smart luggage. Opting for an improper model may result in interception at the gate, or worse, the disheartening sight of your plane departing without you.

Table of contents:

  • Are motorized suitcases allowed in airports?
  • Why did airlines ban smart luggage?
  • Are scooter suitcases allowed in airports in the US?
  • Are scooter suitcases allowed in airports in the Philippines?
  • Are motorized luggage allowed on Canadianflights?
  • Are motorized luggage allowed on HongKong flights?
  • Are motorized luggage allowed on in Singapore?
  • Is Airwheel luggage allowed in flight?
  • How big of a suitcase can you fly with?
  • What can you do if you are rejected to take with your smart luggage?
  • Choose the coolest and best scooter suitcase for adults

Are motorized suitcases allowed in airports?

Different airports hold diverse attitudes towards motorized suitcases. The permissibility of motorized suitcases in airports hinges on the capability to detach their batteries as required. Numerous airlines impose restrictions on smart luggage equipped with non-removable lithium-ion batteries, citing safety apprehensions. As a result, luggage featuring integrated batteries can face grounding. On top of that, it is crucial to note that aviation policies may vary among different airline companies. Prior to your airport departure, it is always advisable to contact the respective airline's customer service for precise guidelines.

Why did airlines ban smart luggage?

Smart luggage makes its name known primarily for its intelligent features driven by built-in lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately, this battery type has a history of overheating, posing a significant concern, particularly within the confined space of an airplane's cargo hold. Recognized as potential fire hazards by many airline companies, such batteries are prohibited on some planes. This restriction extends to other smart devices, including laptops, iPads, and power gears, all powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are also subject to stringent regulations.

Don’t go anxious yet. Good news is some airlines do permit smart luggage, provided it comes with removable batteries. American Airlines and Delta Airlines explicitly state that "smart bags" with detachable lithium-ion batteries are allowed as carry-on items. Just note that certain airlines have issued statements completely banning the use of smart luggage, such as Air Canada airline. Make sure to conduct thorough research before heading to the local airport to ensure compliance with specific airline regulations.

Are scooter suitcases allowed in airports in the US?

Only if the lithium-ion batteries in your scooter suitcases are removable. You can zoom across the airport riding the scooter suitcase until you reach the gate, and then take the removable battery off the suitcases so you can pass the gate. That way, scooter suitcases are allowed in airports in the US. However, local airlines hold diverse attitudes and polices towards scooter suitcases, so double check with airlines’ hotline service.

Beyond the battery concerns, you may also need to consider the weight and size of your scooter suitcase if you plan to bring it on board the plane. For this case, we has compiled some weight and size limitations from a range of airline companies: Global Airlines Carry-on Luggage Restrictions 2023.

Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration has outlined the risks associated with lithium batteries in their guide, providing valuable insights that can contribute to safe travel practices.

Are scooter suitcases allowed in airports in the Philippines?

Suitcase scooters like Airwheel’s riding suitcases are permitted for use in Philippines’ airplanes, as long as the scooter suitcases come with a cabin size and a battery capacity that’s below 100Wh, and most important, the battery is removable. Airwheel suitcase scooters exactly meet these criteria. Enjoy a seamless and hassle-free travel experience with Airwheel luggage in Philippines.

Are motorized luggage allowed on Canadian flights?

Some allow, some forbid.

Like Air Canada, they explicitly states in its policy that motorized luggage is prohibited.

02 Air Canada carryon policy

On the other hand, carriers like WestJet and Air transat, they allow travelers to take smart luggage with them while the luggage subjects to some carriage limitations.

Air transat, for example, specifies that smart bags with integrated batteries must be carried as carry-on luggage. However, if the bag needs to be checked, the battery must be removed.

As highlighted earlier, different airline companies have diverse luggage allowance policies. Always scan through the information offered on their website before you decide which luggage you are going to use.

Are motorized luggage allowed on Hong Kong flights?

The biggest airline, Cathay Pacific in Hongkong indicates that the battery of smart bags must be removable if checked-in is needed. The screenshot from their website emphasizes the their attitudes. If you feel like to learn more, click baggage information.

 03 Are motorized luggage allowed on Hong Kong flights

There are many other airlines operating in Hongkong, including Hong Kong Airlines, Greater Bay Airlines, etc. The best way to know whether your smart suitcase can get on board is to visit the website of your airline and find the luggage limitation section, there you will see policies about smart luggage. If you want to get answers fast, contact them directly via phone.

Are motorized luggage allowed on in Singapore?

It's commendable that you took the time to go through Singapore Air's website to find the necessary information. The details provided in the "Baggage restrictions" section, specifically under "Carriage of Baggage Powered by Lithium Batteries," are crucial for understanding the airline's policies regarding smart baggage.

Noting that cabin baggage must be under 7 kg and the lithium battery must not exceed 160 Wh is essential information for travelers. It's interesting to observe that while Airwheel's SE3S may slightly exceed the weight limit at 7.5 kg, but noteworthy, its battery is detachable.

 04 Are motorized luggage allowed on in Singapore

Is Airwheel luggage allowed in flight?

Yes, most airlines allow for Airwheel luggage in flight. As you might have get some insights from the above information, you shall know that most airline companies allow travelers to take their smart luggage on board as long as the battery is removable and is labeled with a battery capacity below 100Wh, as well as the weight and size are in compliance with the limitations. Some airlines hold an adverse attitude towards smart luggage, such as Air Canada, which totally bans the being of smart bag.

Another important thing is that you must consult local airports for advice. When your flight indicates the permission for the use of smart luggage, the local airport might not. That means you can be stopped at the entrance of the airport rather than at the gate to your flight.

How big of a suitcase can you fly with?

You certainly want to avoid the stress of discovering at the gate that your carry-on bag is either overweight or oversized. To preempt such a situation, it's essential to stay informed about the permissible size of the suitcase you can fly with, especially considering that these limitations can vary among different airlines. Conducting research beforehand is a prudent step.

While carry-on luggage size limits may differ by an inch or two in various airline luggage guides, the standard size generally hovers around 22 x 14 x 9 inches, accounting for protruding parts like handles and wheels. Most airlines establish their size standards based on whether the carry-on bag can fit into their overhead cabins.

In addition to size, weight is another critical factor to consider. To help you quickly determine your airline's carry-on luggage allowance, we've compiled a list for your reference. Click on "Global Airlines Carry-on Luggage Restrictions 2023" for more detailed information. This proactive approach ensures a smoother travel experience by aligning your luggage with the specific regulations of the airline you're flying with.

What can you do if you are rejected to take with your smart luggage?

Most airlines have formulated policies on smart luggage because of the chemical uncertainties of lithium-ion batteries. When you reach the airport without fully aware of the smart luggage limitations of the airline you are going to take, and unluckily your smart luggage falls out of the permissible rules, you might be rejected to go onboard with the luggage. This situation can happen when the battery of the smart bag is non-removable.

What should you do when the unlucky moment falls on you?

Option 1: mailing your smart luggage. Sending your smart luggage to your destination via a courier service is a viable solution. This ensures that your luggage reaches your intended location without causing any disruptions to your travel plans.

Option 2: check airline policies in advance. To avoid surprises at the airport, it's advisable to check your airline's policy on smart luggage at least 24 hours before your scheduled departure.

Oh, wait. So smart luggage is not worth purchasing any more? Many airlines still allow smart luggage on their plane as long as the weight, size of your smart luggage conform to their expectations and removable battery is included.

Choose the coolest and best scooter suitcase for adults

 05 Choose the coolest and best scooter suitcase for adults_111

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A suitcase with cabin size and removable battery. Airwheel SE3S measures 14 x 9 x 22 inch, able to fit in most overhead cabin. Most important, the lithium-ion battery is removable for both carry-on or checked in.

An intelligent suitcase that can sound alarm, so you’ll never miss it in the crowd. The smart suitcase will send a vibrating alarm to the downloaded app on your phone when it edges the farthest range from you. How sweet is that, isn’t it?

The perks of the smart luggage go on and on. The Airwheel SE3S is packed with a host of smart functions that make it a standout choice in the world of smart luggage. If you haven't experienced the convenience of smart luggage, the SE3S model from Airwheel is sure to surprise you with its unparalleled combination of features in one remarkable masterpiece — the SE3S luggage scooter.

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