Airwheel Smart Suitcase is the Perfect Way to Open for a Journey

In the busy life, many people are in a state of exhaustion, so they are eager to travel, hoping to relax and truly enjoy their lives. However, it is not easy to relax while traveling, because it is inevitable to run around, carry heavy loads, and all kinds of trivial matters, which greatly reduces the experience and sometimes backfires.

If there was a way to avoid dragging heavy luggage and being tired of walking during the journey, would you be willing to try it and make the streets of a foreign land leisurely and healing?

Next, let’s recommend to you several technological gadgets that can bring a new experience to your journey—Airwheel Smart Suitcase.

Airwheel Suitcase SE3S with Excellent Adaptability to Road Conditions

Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase cleverly combines the dual functions of storage and riding into the luggage, giving the product a more technological use experience. Among this series of products, it is particularly outstanding in its ability to adapt to road conditions. The front motor wheel specially uses a 5.5-inch brushless motor wheel with a larger wheel diameter, and adopts a telescopic structure. The rear wheelbase can be extended outwards With an extension of 180mm, you can ride stably on smooth indoor roads, outdoor asphalt roads, concrete roads, and even speed bumps.

The patented smart control handle also makes operation during complex journeys simple and intuitive. Users can easily control acceleration, braking and steering, ensuring safe and smooth riding at a speed of 13km/h no matter what the road conditions are. It can be said that it is an ideal choice to adapt to various travel environments.

Airwheel Suitcase SE3S


Portable 20-inch Cabin for Airwheel Suitcase SE3MINIT

Airwheel Suitcase SE3MINIT is a smaller and lighter portable 20-inch boarding luggage. Although the Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase is also a 20-inch boarding luggage, the storage space of the Airwheel SE3MINIT smart riding suitcase is better in terms of internal storage space and luggage weight, up to 26L, and can be more perfect for a week's journey. The lid also adopts a side-opening design. Even if the box is not laid flat, you can take and place items at will during the trip. With the side buckle design, you don’t have to worry about the luggage in the box being scattered or exposing your privacy.

In terms of boarding, Airwheel SE3MINIT is the same as Airwheel SE3S. Not only does the box size comply with the standard specification of a 20-inch boarding case, the lithium battery also adopts a modular design, which is very convenient to disassemble and install. The capacity is 73.26WH and can be used smoothly. Pass through security and board your flight worry-free.

In order to ensure the safety of riding in a compact suitcase body, its riding speed is 8km/h, which is relatively slow, but faster than walking with two legs, and can still improve the efficiency of the journey.

Airwheel SE3MINIT

48L large Capacity 24-inch Checked Airwheel SE3T Suitcase

Airwheel SE3T rideable suitcase is a 24-inch option with a large capacity of 48L. It needs to be checked in and is more suitable for its high-speed.

The capacity is larger and the suitcase body is naturally larger, which means that as long as the load-bearing capacity allows, the Airwheel SE3T smart riding suitcase can be ridden by two people at the same time, making it very suitable for parents and children to ride together. Its suitcase body is not only made of ABS+PC composite material, but also has a specially reinforced patented box frame. It uses 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy and applies one-piece molding technology. It has a load capacity of up to 110kg and can carry one adult, one child or two women at the same time. It is Basically feasible.

Like the other two smart Airhweel suitcases, the outside of the suitcase is also designed with a high-efficiency USB charging port, which can be connected to a data cable to charge portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Bluetooth headsets.


Airwheel Suitcase SE3T

Airwheel smart suitcase is not only a luggage, but also a powerful partner during the journey, allowing every user to find the long-lost relaxation and freedom during the journey.
Choose the right one Next, let’s learn about this smart riding suitcase that leads the new travel trend, and see how it becomes the right way to open a relaxing journey.