Airwheel Robot Suitcase

Top Speed


Max Load


Max Travel Distance


Why Choose Airwheel Robot Suitcase?


Simple Riding

Control riding with just two buttons - brake on the left and forward on the right. Press both buttons simultaneously to reverse.


73.26Wh Detachable Battery

The detachable battery complies with carry-on standards, and can be used for charging other electronic devices.


Speed Up to 13km/h

Equipped with a low-energy constant-speed motor, reaching a top speed of 13km/h.


Remote App Control

Use the Airwheel App to monitor the real-time status of the robot suitcase and make adjustments. The GPS tracking feature allows you to locate your robot luggage at any time, ensuring the security of your belongings.


Large Capacity Side-Opening Design

Adopting a side-opening design facilitates easy access to items. The spacious volume allows you to pack all the items you need.


Stylish Exterior

Sleek and stylish appearance, available in multiple colors for selection.


High Strength Materials

Featuring an integrated aluminum frame design, resistant to deformation, with a maximum weight capacity of 110kg. The sides are made of PC and ABS materials, providing waterproof and abrasion-resistant properties with high strength.


TSA Lock

TSA Lock facilitates customs inspections, prevents forced entry, and ensures smooth boarding. It also serves as an anti-theft measure, safeguarding property security.

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