Airwheel Eletric Suitcases Become Popular for Travelling in 2023

Airwheel Suitcase Will be Smarter

Regardless of whether they are men, women, old or young, when they travel, they hope to discover the richness of exploring the world and feel the comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere of the journey, instead of being tired of running around and getting headaches from all kinds of trivial matters. However, I believe that most people was tried of running around the journey.

To meet the demand of the travellers,Airwheel has been launched the smart riding motor suitcases.It not ony can be storaged,but also can be rided. With the development with smart technology, it realizes two special functions:storanging and riding which brings great convenience to the journey.


Riding is the Most Important Function for Airwheel Suitcase

According to research, the most important reason why people feel tired during the journey is the process of traveling to and from airports and stations. The unfamiliar environment often makes the movement longer, and at the same time, there are basically no means of transportation in such occasions. Being able to rely on walking, the process of moving is hurried and boring, so it is easy to feel rushed.

Airwheel creatively adds the "riding" function to the suitcase.The suitcase is not only a necessary storaging equipment for the journey,but also can be take on the responsibility of transportation. When people move to airports or high-speed rail stations, they can adjust the smart riding handle, and then they ride it. Rding by electric energy, they can travel at a speed faster than walking with less effort.

The load capacity of the suitcase can reach 110kg. It is made of ABS+PC hard case material and reinforced with a patented one-piece aviation aluminum box frame. It can meet the riding needs of people of most weights and can ride with peace of mind without worrying about suitcase deformation.There is no need to worry about the suitcase being squeezed.

Riding is very simple.Its smart riding handle only has left and right handlebars that need to be controlled. The right handlebar accelerates and the left handlebar turns. Apply the brakes and maneuver in reverse.


riding Airwheel Suitcase


Using Airwheel Suitcase to Charge the Devices

Airwheel team expanded and designed a USB charging port on the outside of the smart Airwheel suitcase. It can be easily charged by simply connecting the data cable. It is simple to operate and is particularly convenient during the journey.


Exclusive APP

Not satisfied with simple functions such as riding and charging, but want more advanced intelligent gameplay and technological integration?

Then, I believe that the exclusive APP of Airwheel smart riding suitcase can meet your need.

As long as this exclusive APP is installed on your mobile phone, you can pick up the mobile phone at any time to check the riding speed, mileage, remaining battery and other parameter information of the suitcase. You can also flexibly set the riding speed gear. Depending on the environment, you can flexibly choose different gears such as high speed and low speed to ensure riding safety.

In addition, the exclusive APP also implements a smart remote control mode, which is a function with many ways to play. It can set the speed of the smart riding suitcase and always move forward at a constant speed without long pressing the handle; it can also set the speed, forward/reverse, running time, number of cycles, etc. when no one is riding. Technological and interesting programming gameplay can also be realized on the suitcase, making it possible to integrate the smart riding suitcase.


charge by Airwheel Suitcase


Airwheel Smart Riding Suitcase Explores Technological Life

When it comes to suitcase, the first thing you probably think of is traveling.But for imaginative people, the dual-function combination of “riding” and “storage” allows the Airwheel smart riding suitcase to do more for them.


Participate in Exhibitions

The exhibition venue is very large. For many friends who enjoy shopping while shopping, or purchasing for friends, everything will become extra easy and effortless when riding an Airwheel smart riding suitcase. It will not be a dream to ride it and travel throughout the venue repeatedly. The suitcase also provides storage space, which can't be better!

Of course, the speed of Airwheel smart riding suitcase is 8km/h. If it cannot meet the needs of a full day of exhibitions, don’t worry. The lithium battery of the Airwheel smart riding suitcase adopts a modular design and is located on the outside. The plug-in structure can be easily removed and installed without tools, which means that as long as you have multiple sets of spare batteries, you can last a whole day.


The Elderly Go Out for a Walk Every Day

For the elderly who have inconvenient legs and feet or who are easily tired, the Airwheel smart riding suitcase can carry them to and from squares, parks, and chess and card rooms. Thermos cups, medicines, clothes, etc. can also be placed in the box without getting in the way. Said it was very practical.


Go shopping

It is also suitable for daily supermarket shopping with Airwheel smart riding suitcase. It can be loaded and transported, and no matter how far away the garage is, you don't have to worry about breaking your hands when carrying large and small bags.


Daily commuting

Yes, there are also smart friends riding it to commute. It is mainly used to solve the problem of whether the subway station is close or far from the company. It can also store various office supplies, making it portable and labor-saving even if you bring your own laptop.


Airwheel Suitcase


Everyone Has Their Own Smart Suitcase

There is not just one Airwheel smart riding suitcase, considering the diversity of people, it is actually a series of products.

It has Airwheel SE3S and Airwheel SE3MINIT specially launched for people who need boarding suitcases. The former focuses on the riding experience, while the latter is more compact and lighter. For people who need large capacity, it has launched Airwheel SE3T with a capacity of up to 48L. Airwheel has launched the safety-upgraded and cute Airwheel SQ3 riding child box for children aged 3-6 years old, making parent-child journeys easier.

For modern people, traveling not only means going out to see the world, but also means relaxing, healing, etc., and has more diversified needs. Naturally, the requirements for the quality of the journey have also been greatly improved - they are no longer satisfied with just going here. tour. The advent of the Airwheel smart riding suitcase just meets this demand trend and is also an excellent solution for smart journeys.

In the future, more people will ride Airwheel smart riding suitcases and enjoy their journey.